外資系耐久消費財メーカーのHead of E-commerce

コード番号 AYOSH-05
業界 耐久消費財
職種 E-commerce
仕事内容 ■ Develop and coordinate online marketing strategies to drive new customer acquisition for affiliate, paid search, advertising programs as well as provide reporting and analysis for online marketing programs. Gain strong customer retention for brand especially through email Marketing.
■ Continuously analyze, create, measure, and optimize online marketing programs, including email campaigns, online advertising, SEM and more. Play a key role in identifying, developing and implementing key online marketing strategies.
■ Define and get approval for the future integrated online and e-commerce strategy for the company. Align online channel branding and sales targets with overall business direction. Establish online channel as part of multi-channel future.
■ Improve current online channel distribution strategies plus develop new opportunities, communicate and deliver goals within a short period of time, involving operations/marketing/sales teams together to drive the online business.
■ Develop and manage key metrics and budgets; understand and implement coding schemes for tracking purposes.
■ Create and manage weekly and monthly reporting and tracking, flagging issues, and report metrics
■ Design, implement and manage permanently online marketing programs focusing on building awareness and customer acquisition plus activate existing customers.
■ Develop the online channel promotions and action calendar on annual/seasonal basis.
■ Work with Product Marketing and Marketing Communications on daily base to develop and execute highly effective direct response programs to significantly increase inbound lead flow and pipeline generation. Gain higher rate of conversion.
■ Propose and manage our pay-per-click campaigns, online media buys and budgets.
■ Understand, optimize and expand keyword list.
■ Analyze and report program performance; provide results and recommendations for improvement and new programs.
■ Manage online retailers to enable them to deliver most up to date images and product information, as well as maintain advertising policies and programs.
■ Leverage a "test, measure and refine" approach to constantly improve program results and increase the impact of online marketing on revenue and profitability. Have continuous A/B testing and constantly improve site through LPO.
■ Develop ad copy, landing pages, banner creative and other marketing collateral for online use.
■ Stay abreast of industry related trends and technology. Provide support for other areas of marketing as needed.

お求められる能力 ■ 5+ years of prior experience in E-commerce or Online Marketing
■ 2+ years of experience in with Magento CE or EE platform.
■ Opensource CMS, Zencart, Joomla, and Drupal experience
■ Proficient in excel
■ Various flavors database experience, web and mobile development, including design and marketing, C++. Also, C#, Java, VB, PHP, .NET, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, HTML, Video, Ruby, AJAX, CSS
■ Experience multi-device (e.g. with iPhone and 2G phone development, experience with double byte languages). EDI manipulation, portal sites creation experience
■ Strong written and verbal communication skills
■ Strong negotiating skills
■ Passion for innovative software and customer interaction
■ Multi-tasking
■ Good analytical skills
■ BA in Marketing or Related Field
■ Excellent English communication ability (TOEIC 860+)
英語力 ビジネスレベル
勤務地 東京都
想定年収 1,000万円~1,500万円(経験による)
賞与 インセンティブ制度あり



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営業時間 平日9:30~18:30