コード番号 AYOSH-10
業界 化粧品業界
職種 Digital & Media
仕事内容 - Design & implement Digital & Media strategies from consolidated the company point of view.
- Enrich and optimize Digital & Media strategy of each division/brand by timely coaching and training based on the company's Digital & Media strategies.
- Implement HQ direction to the divisions/brands while consolidating the needs of Japan local and reporting to HQ to influence their decisions.
- Make regular and ad-hoc reports to stakeholders both in Japan and HQ
- Build strong governance of media decision process and manage the process.
- Manage the agencies regarding media planing, buying, people performance perspective as well as remune
- Build strong relationship with key media and service providing partners
- Understand the media environment and competitors' activities. Make reports if necessary.
- Support CDO (Chief Digital Officer)
- Grow young talents and build a strong team
お求められる能力 - More than 10 years experience to take care of Digital & Media both in Ad agencies and in manufactures of consumer goods. (In case of compromizing, Manufactures only is prefered to Agencies only.)
- Good communication & presentation skill both in Japanese and English
- Good at team management
- Good at PC skill: Excel, Powerpoint, etc.
- Experience of PR including e-PR
- Experience of Community management
- Experience of working for foreign companies or living in foreign countries
英語力 ビジネスレベル
勤務地 東京都
想定年収 1,400万~1,600万
賞与 インセンティブ制度あり



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営業時間 平日9:30~18:30